Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Am I having Gamophobia?

Topics like meeting someone, getting married or anything that similar to it makes me nervous.
Some other time it just bother me a lot. I got dizzy knowing that someone is waiting. My heart beating change drastically... and falling in love is not the reason for that.

Lately I just can't sleep well.
I feel numb. Nothing taste right...
Seriously, am I having Gamophobia?
Is this serious?
Or is it because 'that guy' is just not my type or maybe all the type I've listed is just another reason to not involving with someone else?

Do I need to see a doctor now? 


KhJ BuiN said...

hehehe..anything risky is worth the fear. but if you give in to your fear, u'll experience nothing.

Nonie said...

I guess this sickness develop without I realize it. things that traumatize me didn't really go away but stay here with me in silent (T T)

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