Thursday, January 16, 2014

It was a good fight.

For the hundreds time... me and my big brother fight again.
It was so fast that I can't even remember the details... 
The funny part is... it's all started just because I horn him this morning.

Sometimes as an adult I really thought how childish we can be.
How far we can go with this fight.
Thanks to my big brother who have always been acting so childish... I realize that one need to refrain theirself from going under.

"To my brother...
Please stop being a drama queen, you're way too old to fight with me. But hey, I'm satisfied with the way we fight this morning... it's fast, short and sharp. As long as I'm winning... I'm fine with it. Hahaha you may hate me, I know you still love me though. Big hug to u Bro."


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