Friday, February 10, 2012

Too Close But Too Far Away

Found this post from my old account. It's funny to re-read it again.

I think I've met you before
But still I can't figure when and where 

I really think I've seen you before
But still I wonder is that you? 

I believe I've met you before
That smile, that eyes... 

I believe it was you who I saw before
Can’t seem to erase the way you look at me... 

Did you hear that?
The beating of my heart...
Can you see this?
How you make me react... 

Now I'm standing here right in front of you
Now I'm standing here just close enough to touch you 

But why do I feel this ache inside of me
I guess it's because you're close enough but still too far away 

I guess I shouldn't do this...
I shouldn't look at you... 

argh!!! I guess this poster is a bad idea...  


-By NoNie - 
September 03, 2009 


In the mood to mess up everything and anything hehehe


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