Saturday, November 26, 2011

Korea Autumn's Trip

I'm back! 

It is obvious that I am eager to post almost every details about this trip... I wish I can do that 

The first day is a bit awkward for me... since our flight landed at Incheon Airport at 6 a.m you might guess how I look like upon the arrival...  with no make-up and messy, I look like a ghost walking around. 

Thanks to the beautiful autumn scenary, I forgot how ugly I look kekeke.
Here is a pictures of every foods, drinks and snacks I have while there... have to taste each one of them especially when someone recommended it ^^

Gyeongbuk Palace. Since I'm a sageuk dramas fan, being there makes me super happy.
I wish I can stay longer there. 

This event takes place in front of The Cheongwadae Sarangchae. 
We were lucky enough to be there.

I forgot where... but we can view North Korea from here. 
To tell ther truth there is nothing much to see there. 
There is only one building, more like an information center to me.
If it is not for my mom ( who suddenly MIA) I don't think I'll go inside, well at least I have a good walk.

Nami Island... It was late when we arrived there. My cameras can't captured the beautiful view as I want (I'm going to buy a new one for a next trip). Nami Island looks like a small park to me, but still it's a must visit places... especially if you watch Winter Sonata... if you don't then just enjoy the view...

Someone I knew ask me several times, 
"what drama is it? who? why?"
and I said, 
"just enjoy the view and search for 'Winter Sonata' when you back home and watch..."

I bet she won't  :)

The day we went to Mt Sorak, it was heavily rain, and there is so many places I can't go... 
but to my surprise, just like Nami Island there is so many Korean families there. 
I can tell that they really love spend their quality times with their love one.

Teddy Bear Farm. If you're a teddy bear lover like me, you'll be happy to be there. 
It displays assorted teddy bears and some even dressed in traditional costume. 
I was pretty impressed! 

Daepohang Market, nothing much there just a market selling various type of fish. 
It was still raining at that time, 
can't really enjoy the view but still I've taste some of the food around there.

The Seoul Central Mosque at Itaewon. The one and only mosque in Korea I guess. 
I wish I captured more photos while I was there, 
I'm easily impressed with things around me and forgot to take out my camera until the last minute :(

Everland Theme Park. Once again, I was busy playing around, and forgot to take pictures. 
Love the roller coaster but not the long queue. 
It was a great experience.
And now I'm sure about one thing, 
I will never ever enter the Horror Maze or anything that similar to it again.

We stay over night at Alpensia Resort, since it was already late when we arrived there is nothing much to see there. But I do have some fun there playing games with my brothers and friend. 

The last 2 days I was there, I've been spending all my cash shopping at Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Namdaemun. But my favorite places goes to Myeongdong & Dongdaemun.
Okay, the two models in the pictures is my brothers, since I bought so many things for them they give me permission to share their pictures here. Thanks bro!



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