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Various Artists - So I'm Loving You

What can I say... Love all of them (^^)

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Live Your Life...

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Straight Up - Andrew Garcia Cover by Legaci


Lost in a dream
Don't know which way to go
If you are all that you seem
Then baby I'm moving way too slow

I've been fooled before
Wouldn't like to get my love caught
In the slammin' door
How about some information ~please

Straight up now tell me
Do you really want to love me forever oh oh oh
Or am I caught in a hit and run
Straight up now tell me
Is it gonna be you and me together oh oh oh
Are you just having fun
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I don't know how man thinks but this is how I believe they really think about the woman they want to be pair with them.

  1. pretty - this beats everything for the 1st impression... 
  2. happy go lucky -  they really think girls who can light up the mood will make them happy.
  3. friendly - man love it the most when the girl start talking to them... first.
  4. understanding - they want to be understood no matter in what circumstances  
  5. caring - boy is always a boy... simple things that shows 'you care' is what they want.
  6. smart - rather than just being cute... they actually prefer a girl with brain and of coz cute.
It's funny to find out that out of 6, I only have half of them.
But that's not the point. The point is will every girl agree with this? I've been reading so many articles about relationships between man and woman, boy and girl... but most of them... almost 70% talks about how we girls need to match up with what man want.
Depends on where you are from, how your culture, social life and religious give an impact to your daily life. The list only work well if you're a very open minded person. But as for me... and for those who I know... make a new checklist if you want the girl not just be your girlfriend but also someone who you can proudly says... she is my wife.

So this is what man need to know about woman.
Man, you can always helps your girl or woman (whatever you want to call them) be pretty. Woman become pretty when they are happy. It's not about how much you spend your money on them its about how you can make them feel. 
If you can make them happy... than its easier for them to be happy go lucky... but do you really want your girl to be friendly? seriously... I've known many guys out there who keep telling me girl that friendly have their own aura which attract man more.... but almost all of them end up breaking up with that friendly girl they use to admire... reason.... jealousy.

"I can't stand it when she talks so friendly with her other boy who she called a friend." 
"She is being so friendly to almost everyone... " 
"I don't really like when she is so friendly... not anymore"

Admit it guys... girls who look friendly only match up your imaginary well... she look perfect when you're just a freind. If you really think friendly girls can make you happy... than you better not trying hard to stop her coz that makes girls not happy.
Understanding... what is the base for understanding? woman are originally an understanding creature... but what kind of understanding that man really want. Man, you need to know that sometimes while in the process to understand you woman hurts themself million times and some might cry a river just to understand you... and end up not happy and makes you an unhappy man too. So be fair... when you ask woman to understand you make sure you know what it means for her.
I won't argue about the caring part and the smart part... just be fair... you got what you give. 
Some extra notes that man need to know about woman...

  • Woman do have eyes... we want someone look good too. Man, If you really prefer pretty woman, than make yourself look great too... it doesn't mean you have to be handsome... you know what I mean right?
  • Sense of humor is extra reason why woman fall for you.
  • Father looks like - don't get it wrong,this won't works if you're married LoL. Woman just love it when you show some interest on children. Well at least thats work for me.
  • Praise them time to time - even when you don't mean it. Well sometimes they put alot of effort on what they wear and what they do... so let them know that you appreciate what they do or tell her she looks great. But don't make it obviously fake... we can tell when you fake it. Yeah, woman instinct...
  • Caring - just like man woman do need someone who care
  • If you have a girl that you call friend... you better watch out.
  • .......

I have hundreds to add up but I'm afraid man might think woman is hard to understand...  so I'll stop here. 

Man, this is what you really, really, really should know about woman.
"As long as you make us happy... you'll be happy."
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Happy Father's Day!


Dad, you're someone to look up to no matter how tall I've grown
or how high my heels are (^^)
Love ya!
Happy Farther's Day!
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I may be crazy, funny, random,
and slightly insane ...
but You gotta LOVE me.

Well Done (Passion) Covered by Joo Yeong

Sometimes I don't understand
Why I thought that I had
All the time in the world
To go and see you awhile
For just a little while.
Too caught up in my own life
I didn't see the pain you hid with a smile
And now you're not here with me
Should have been, could have been, would have been, alright
Wish I knew how to turn back the hands of time
'Cause maybe then I'd be here by your side
Wish that I had done just a little more
Wish that I could see you one more time
But I know that God holds your life
Your battle has finally won 
Wish I knew how to turn back the hands of time
'Cause maybe then I'd be here by your side
Wish that I had done just a little more for you
Wish that I could see you one more time
But I know that God holds your life
Your battle has finally won
And he said well done
My faithful servant well done
And God said well done
Oh Grandma well done
And he said well done...