Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Bye & Hello

Feels like it was yesterday we say Hi
and now its time to say goodbye

I've been with you for 12 month
I've walk a long walk with you,
I've run, jump and fall with you,
there is a moment when I forgot that  this day will come

people start counting 12 to 1
and its finally time to say goodbye

Thank you
I've learn so many things and gain so much from you
I'm leaving you not to forget you
but to remember that I've been with you
and again thank you


Hello to you
nice to be with you
Now I'll be with you

There are many people so happy to meet you
there laugh a happy laugh
they dream a great dream
and its all because they believe in you

Just like the one I say goodbye
someday I'll be thankful to you too


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