Thursday, January 27, 2011 0 comments

Seriously... now I'm getting tired...
I wonder how others can tolerate with you
There is not even a moment when people won't talk about how pity you are...
I'm tired of listening and tired of giving my sympathy to you...
Now that I look back... you actually don't deserve my sympathy
you don't deserve it at all
Instead of trying to rise up... you're going down...
Instead of changing... you becoming worse..
you took people for granted... and I don't think my anger will stop here...

Thursday, January 20, 2011 0 comments

I thought I will get over this but NO I'm not! it sucks when someone I don't even know start telling me what is right and what is wrong... It is not right to tell ME what to say and what not to. Seriously who the hell are you? do you really think I care about all those big things you think you've achieve? seriously is that really an achievement? LOL that's nothing but a bunch of crap which you dedicated to yourself and pretend like your doing it for everyone else.

Oh and when you're being polite and showing your respect to others... do respect me too. I might look younger but please put this in mind... I'm much older than you. Besides... don't give me a crap what is right or wrong when you're not doing any good either. 

Damn! you're ruining my day.
Monday, January 17, 2011 0 comments

What's wrong?

Lying on my bed
with my hand on my head
feeling a little bit sad
everything is so bad

I wonder what is wrong
my tears keep falling
don't know what is wrong
but still can't stop this feelings

will it be okay if I stop crying?
will it feel better if I keep smiling?

will I be okay if I start trying?
can I really stop this feelings?

Sunday, January 9, 2011 0 comments


Someone says...
I'll be different!
It's 2011 I won't be the same!
I've been good for 1 month now...
everyone should just forget the past...

And I says...
you'll be different...only when you prove it!
It's 2011... you won't be the same... will you?
You've been good for 1 month.... will you be good the next month?
Everyone will forget that past... but that will take time...

I've been telling you million times...
trust is not something you can gain by giving a promise
promising something doesn't mean people will believe it
changing is not for people to love it... but for you to feel it within your heart.

Don't ask me to believe in you... coz you know my answer
just try believe in your words than you'll understand what its mean...

Saturday, January 1, 2011 0 comments

Good Bye & Hello

Feels like it was yesterday we say Hi
and now its time to say goodbye

I've been with you for 12 month
I've walk a long walk with you,
I've run, jump and fall with you,
there is a moment when I forgot that  this day will come

people start counting 12 to 1
and its finally time to say goodbye

Thank you
I've learn so many things and gain so much from you
I'm leaving you not to forget you
but to remember that I've been with you
and again thank you


Hello to you
nice to be with you
Now I'll be with you

There are many people so happy to meet you
there laugh a happy laugh
they dream a great dream
and its all because they believe in you

Just like the one I say goodbye
someday I'll be thankful to you too