Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Me

It's been awhile.
writing something means I have a lot in mind.
but writing this doesn't mean I have something to say
there is a time when I just feel... 
I need to spill it... I'll die inside keeping every random words... 

Life is like this and like that...
you think you've planned really well
you think you've done everything
but still none of the results comes up as what you want
not 100%

But look at us
we still here
walking, running, laughing, praying and still planning

None of the unsuccessful event make us stops...
Even when we keep repeat to ourself
'I'm dead...' this will be my last hopes' and so on

The truth is we never stop.
We might cry a river but nothing can stop us
We might stumble but still we'll stand up and walking again

It's just a matter of time.
To lose and to find it back
To learn and keep learning
this is life... take it or leave it.

and just like that... spill it or suck it up 


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