Friday, March 19, 2010

A walk to remember...

I walk along the street and watching
kids running and moms screaming
birds flying and leaves falling
but none of them can stop me from thinking

I keep walking along the street 
check on my i-pod and press start
the music is on it was 'Magic' by Oneway street
but still I know something is not right

Now I reach at the end of the street
but I can't seems to concentrate
put my hand in the pocket
and darn :duh: ... I knew it!!

I forgot my keys... have to turn back and walk down the street again.
Now I'm listening to Epik High 'RUN'.



zaCk_89 said...

duii.. apa punya posting nie? adedei.. =.="

Nonie said...

this is a place for me to write... not for u to enjoyed it... :P

A_girl said...

Yeah right, nonie!! Its all bout don't have to care bout anyone else..its fact, its your blog..not zack_89!

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