Monday, December 7, 2009 0 comments

A moment to remember

There is a moment that I think I can't even forget.

It's raining and I'm sitting on the corner of my fav. Cafe...

While sipping on my coffee and enjoying the music... it's "When I Saw You" by Mariah Carey... (The coffee owner I guess she's so into Mariah... every time I was there she keep playing Mariah songs.)

At that moment you passing by with that red umbrella, at first I'm much more attracted to your umbrella... its red and I'm crazy over red umbrella. While I've been keep wow-ing myself for the red umbrella you turn and face me with a smile... even it was so fast... not even 2 second. I can feel my heart stop beating and I think I lost my mind.

That's a moment that I'll remember... I guess even when I'm not... actually I'm waiting to see you again even just for a second... crazy? Well I'm not a stalker... but now I know for sure... I like when it rain, I can't help but stop when I saw red umbrellas, and I'm crazy over a sweet smile.

Valentine rain hearts