Tuesday, November 24, 2009 1 comments

Why write?

Some people ask me... why write?

What make you wanna write?

You don't even publish it... so why bother writing?

I just don't know

The reason to write is not for others to read but for me to feel satisfied...

If there is a person who can read it.... that person must have something that makes me

want to share it.

Why writing?

It’s a passion that I can't show to others

It’s a love that I've been hiding inside

What I write... is what I think

What I think is what I am

And when I'm writing... I'm writing what I'm thinking and when I'm thinking it's all because I can't tell it to anyone...

Complicated? That’s me... I don't like when people point it out that I'm complicated

But if complicated make you understand me.... than I don't care...

Complicated, weird, choosey... well I'm okay with any of that... as long as I'm still known as nice and great I don't care if you want to add that I'm complicated.