Monday, October 26, 2009

Sometimes When It Rain

Sometimes when it rains
the strongest, the happiness
all those strenght I put in
all those sweet words I've said
all those smile I give
they keep fading out

And sometimes when it rains...
the loneliness, the emptyness
all those feelings I kept inside
all those words I kept forgetting
all those memories I tried to forget
they keep coming back

coz there is one time when it rains
the love, the sweetness
all that I have
all that I cherish
all that I thought I'll treasure
broke into pieces and swept by the tears

Sometimes when it rains....

By: NoNie


A_girl said...

You want to know something? Actually...when its rain, sometimes I hate it...bcoz I feel sort I feel down suddenly...I don't know I don't know why I always alone when its rain...and I hate to be, no hate...maybe I'm afraid..I'm bout a lot of things in this world..I', afraid of darkness..I cannot even sleep in the dark...I'm afraid of balloon..I know it sounds silly..I'm afraid to be alone...really...

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