Thursday, April 16, 2009 0 comments

I Cherished What I Hate.

Finally back from Kuching.

It’s a great place with nice people and nice view.
What I got from the trip?
I learn some valuable things, friendship is just a statement… which you could describe as black and white… but relationship is something deeper… no matter how long or short you’ve know the person you still can’t tell if it was friendship or relationship.

I used to think friendship only happens to be with those you have shared something specials and something meaningful… but while in Kuching I’ve learn that even when you hate someone you actually already tide a special relationship that you can’t even leave it behind
 but instead you’ll feel special and cherish that moment. The need to hate someone is actually the need to be recognized, the need to be remembered even if it was just something hateful.

Thanks to all the moment I have… thanks to those I used to hate… coz from you I learn the truth about friendship and relationship… I’ll hate you for what we have going through and I’ll cherish you for being there no matter what and no matter why...