Monday, February 23, 2009

The biggest changes in my life is...

I started to admit that my life is shrinking
I started to admit that my life is full of responsible

The fact that I should feel glad that I have all this...
make me feel more burdensome...

Things like what if... keep coming on
Am I started to regret this?
I don't know... there is nothing to regret about
it's just that... you'll knew it when you realize that
you're alone... not knowing that times move on
and all you have is work, friends, 
brothers and parents who love you
but still you feel alone...

I guess my life really started to move in statics way...
not going up or going down
it just like I'm moving in a straight line
safe enough that I don't have to worry to fall down

Sometimes I do think, life like this?
I should have done more.
I should have demanding more...

But I believe
things wouldn't be better
things wouldn't be great
if I don't do this...

This is life...
love it or leave it
there is always a choice

I guess I've choose this
and I should have known better
the biggest changes in my life is
to have everything
but you.



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