Monday, December 7, 2009 0 comments

A moment to remember

There is a moment that I think I can't even forget.

It's raining and I'm sitting on the corner of my fav. Cafe...

While sipping on my coffee and enjoying the music... it's "When I Saw You" by Mariah Carey... (The coffee owner I guess she's so into Mariah... every time I was there she keep playing Mariah songs.)

At that moment you passing by with that red umbrella, at first I'm much more attracted to your umbrella... its red and I'm crazy over red umbrella. While I've been keep wow-ing myself for the red umbrella you turn and face me with a smile... even it was so fast... not even 2 second. I can feel my heart stop beating and I think I lost my mind.

That's a moment that I'll remember... I guess even when I'm not... actually I'm waiting to see you again even just for a second... crazy? Well I'm not a stalker... but now I know for sure... I like when it rain, I can't help but stop when I saw red umbrellas, and I'm crazy over a sweet smile.

Valentine rain hearts

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 1 comments

Why write?

Some people ask me... why write?

What make you wanna write?

You don't even publish it... so why bother writing?

I just don't know

The reason to write is not for others to read but for me to feel satisfied...

If there is a person who can read it.... that person must have something that makes me

want to share it.

Why writing?

It’s a passion that I can't show to others

It’s a love that I've been hiding inside

What I write... is what I think

What I think is what I am

And when I'm writing... I'm writing what I'm thinking and when I'm thinking it's all because I can't tell it to anyone...

Complicated? That’s me... I don't like when people point it out that I'm complicated

But if complicated make you understand me.... than I don't care...

Complicated, weird, choosey... well I'm okay with any of that... as long as I'm still known as nice and great I don't care if you want to add that I'm complicated.
Monday, October 26, 2009 1 comments

Sometimes When It Rain

Sometimes when it rains
the strongest, the happiness
all those strenght I put in
all those sweet words I've said
all those smile I give
they keep fading out

And sometimes when it rains...
the loneliness, the emptyness
all those feelings I kept inside
all those words I kept forgetting
all those memories I tried to forget
they keep coming back

coz there is one time when it rains
the love, the sweetness
all that I have
all that I cherish
all that I thought I'll treasure
broke into pieces and swept by the tears

Sometimes when it rains....

By: NoNie
Friday, July 10, 2009 0 comments

Why I didn't see any cute guys around ?

I ask my brother... how come I didn't see any cute guys around this town... and he simply answer me... 

"that's because no one can beat u're brothers..."

It's funny when I seems to agreed with him... LoL

Everytime I look around I wonder how come the smartest and the good looking one came from my own family... I even compared them with other guys and still I have to agree with my brother... 

I need to check my eyes again and I really need to ignore them when I'm looking for a guy. 
Monday, June 29, 2009 0 comments

A day to forget

Just got back from clinic... 
argh!!! I can't stand it more this headache really make me crazy

I have work to finish and now I can't even think...

Thursday, April 16, 2009 0 comments

I Cherished What I Hate.

Finally back from Kuching.

It’s a great place with nice people and nice view.
What I got from the trip?
I learn some valuable things, friendship is just a statement… which you could describe as black and white… but relationship is something deeper… no matter how long or short you’ve know the person you still can’t tell if it was friendship or relationship.

I used to think friendship only happens to be with those you have shared something specials and something meaningful… but while in Kuching I’ve learn that even when you hate someone you actually already tide a special relationship that you can’t even leave it behind
 but instead you’ll feel special and cherish that moment. The need to hate someone is actually the need to be recognized, the need to be remembered even if it was just something hateful.

Thanks to all the moment I have… thanks to those I used to hate… coz from you I learn the truth about friendship and relationship… I’ll hate you for what we have going through and I’ll cherish you for being there no matter what and no matter why...
Friday, March 27, 2009 0 comments

My eyes... my heart... I'm blind.

I'm thinking of having a long break... tired with my daily routine and sometimes feels like throwing everything away. But when I think on how hard it was for me to get where I am and how hurt it was when I have to start from nothing... I believe I make a good decision.

I've been trying so hard to believe that someday I'll get what I want.  Now I realize something. Believe is not enough... I used to dream, putting all my hopes on my dream but I never realize that to get what I've been dreaming was the hardest part.

Sometimes I laugh inside of me, when people say... you're lucky to have this. It's good to have all the money... it's good that things is easy for you.

People keep looking at me in a different way... as if I'm born on a golden bed. What people don't know is... how hard it was to make sure I'm not going down... I hate to say that once you got what you want, the hardest part of your life is to lose it.  

I guess I’m just not willing to give up on everything. I might lose in a battle of love... but I'm not losing to what I've been working hard too. I'm not asking people who think they love me to understand me. I just need them to be with me, to share. No, you don't have to be a shoulder to cry but at least let me know what I've done wrong. What I'm not able to see trough my eyes and my heart.

Thursday, February 26, 2009 0 comments

What I want?

I guess I've should have think about this seriously...

"what do you really want? 
you've got everything,
I know things are great for you but seriously what do you want?"

people around me seems curious about this lately... 
and every time they ask me... 
I couldn't answered them or they just don't feel satisfied with my answer.

What I want? I'll think about it... 
seriously think about it...
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 0 comments

If only...

If my memories could be erase
I'll erase all about you

If my heart can stop shouting
I'll stop with you

If my eyes can stop tearing
I hope it's because of you

If I could turn back time
I hope I never met you

I hope I didn't hate you
I hope I never fight with you

I hope I never miss you
and I hope I never love you.


Monday, February 23, 2009 0 comments

The biggest changes in my life is...

I started to admit that my life is shrinking
I started to admit that my life is full of responsible

The fact that I should feel glad that I have all this...
make me feel more burdensome...

Things like what if... keep coming on
Am I started to regret this?
I don't know... there is nothing to regret about
it's just that... you'll knew it when you realize that
you're alone... not knowing that times move on
and all you have is work, friends, 
brothers and parents who love you
but still you feel alone...

I guess my life really started to move in statics way...
not going up or going down
it just like I'm moving in a straight line
safe enough that I don't have to worry to fall down

Sometimes I do think, life like this?
I should have done more.
I should have demanding more...

But I believe
things wouldn't be better
things wouldn't be great
if I don't do this...

This is life...
love it or leave it
there is always a choice

I guess I've choose this
and I should have known better
the biggest changes in my life is
to have everything
but you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 0 comments

Is this really okay?

I don't know if this is okay...

now that I'm in this situation it's really bother me...

I don't know what going to happen
I don't know what the future held
and I don't know what people might think

Is this really okay?
will everything be okay?
until when?
should I stay?

When I feel like everything seems beautiful
when my heart tell me that I'm happy
my brain keep telling me differently
Is this really okay?
Thursday, January 22, 2009 0 comments

What have I done today...

What have I done today...
working of coz... but what else?
pretending to be bz...

well I'm good on pretending especially when I'm not in the mood of going anywhere, doing anything or even meeting people...

Since it will be like another week is the end of the month... so life is still easy for me now.

Feel sorry to my staff... I may look like I'm not working but still they know and realize how scary I can be when the job is done carelessly... 

Should I let it go...


Should I let it go...
or should I just wait and see?

Should I let people know...
or should I just keep it?

It feels like my heart going to explode...
feels like my step getting smaller...
feels like I can't go on anymore...

Should I let it go?