Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What a lovely DAY!

Got scolded again...
too bad I got this in the early of a great and lovely day...

Things just don't go well as I want.
I've tried my best.
It was hard enough to force someone to do the work and even if they do... still I'll be the one to accept all the scolding and bad reputation, hmm I guess this is the price to be me.

Whatever, it's not gonna change my mood today... I've been staying all night trying to forget all the bad things happened to me, crying and laughing by my own self in the middle of the night with a big hope that today is a new day for me... so be it. Scold me and mad at me... if people wanna see how far I can go... so this is it. After all, people always see the tough side of me so just take it that way.


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